Producer Board

Todd Christensen

Board Chairman

Todd has enjoyed serving as a CHS Holdrege Board of Director and continues to see growth and profitability as keys to the company’s success

Reed Philips

Vice Chairman

Reed believes that being tied with CHS has created many benefits for patrons, including keeping the equity program viable.

Mary-Kay Lyon

Financial Secretary

Mary Kay is glad to have to opportunity with the board and leading the company into the future.

Neil Hemberger

Neil has especially enjoyed opportunities to meet producers and ranchers from many regions of the United States as well as Canada and South Australia, enhancing his knowledge of farming techniques around the globe.

Doug Luther

Doug states, “The farm industry is changing rapidly every day. Being partnered with CHS continues to support our company and bring value back to the customers.”

Chadd Jacobson

Chadd believes the merge has helped position the company long term by providing the necessary investment capital to rebuild the assets of the company.

Ryan Sorensen

Ryan states he likes to serve on the CHS Holdrege board so that he can have a voice in the decisions that are being made that have an effect on the eastern CHS facilities.

Willie Keep

Willie is the newest member to the CHS Holdrege board. He represents the Elm Creek area.

Joe Wendell

Joe has served on the CHS Holdrege board since 2013, representing our Smithfield area.

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