Propane monitoring

What is a tank monitor?

A device that gives real time propane usage 24/7 through cellular or satellite technology. Both customers and CHS have access to propane usage and tank levels. If you are on our regular route, our delivery drivers will monitor your propane levels, decreasing the chance running out of propane.

How can I monitor my propane usage?

Using the free Nee-Vo Tank Monitor App, you can:

  • Track tank levels in real time
  • Customize level alerts
  • Consult usage history
  • Contact us at the press of a button

How to set up tank monitoring

Step 1: Locate your activation code.

Your unique alpha-numeric activation code can be found on the right side of your new Nee-Vo tank monitor.

Be sure to take note of it.

Step 2: Download and install the Nee-Vo app.

Open the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone and search for Nee-Vo.

Download and open the app. Create your account.

Register your new monitor by selecting the plus button in the bottom right corner of your screen and entering your activation code.

Now you can view the level of your tank anytime, anywhere.

Need help installing the Nee-Vo app?

Call 1-844-763-3344.